10in1 Steam Mop

10in1 Steam Mop
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Specifications :

Power: 150W

Material: ABS, PP

Water tank: 380 ml

Input voltage: 10-250V/50-6Hz

Cord length: 5M

Certificate: CE/LVD/EMC/ROHS


Adjustable steam amount;

The split-type design;

Continuous steam output: 20-35g/min;

Steam output time: 20 minutes

Pressure relief protection, keeping the pressure in the heating unit constantly;

The angle of the rotation axis of the cleaner is great


1) Main Body

2) Handle tube

3) Handle

4) Window Squeeze

5) Small Scrub Brush

6) Medium Scrub Brush

7) Accessory Adaptor

8) Angle Nozzle

9) Ground Cleaning Tool

10) Scraping Tool

11) Measuring cup

12) Microfiber pad

13) Garment Steamer Cloth

14) Steam head

15) Carpet Gilder


1 Eco-friendly material and chemical free, water steam cleaning

2. Easy assemble and easy use

3. Multi-function, floor care, carpet care, garment care, window cleaning, kitchen cleaning

4. CE/ROHS/GS/EMC certificate


Product Description:


1) 50 watt of power, voltage: 20v-240v, 50HZ or 10V-120V, 60HZ

2) Water tank holds approximately 360ml (13.5 oz.)

3) Steam ready in 20 to 30 seconds

4) On/Of power switch with LED ON/OF light

5) Steam regulator has four settings - low, medium, high and hot spray

6) 5 Meters power cord

7) Easy to switch between temperatures, modes and accessories

8) Quick release cord wrap for user's convenience

9) Shorter surface drying time

10) Several minutes of steam action with one tank on low setting

11) Chemical free

12) Helps remove 999.% of e. coli, salmonella and yeast-causing bacteria and up to

98% of mold-causing bacteria when held on some hard surfaces for 10 to 15 seconds




1. How long is the wire? How much is the operating area? Whether it can increase

    The long-term or not?


- 5M, operating area is over 30 square meters; it can increase long term Need extra



2. How many degrees is the steam temperature?


-150 degrees Celsius heat core technology, The Erupted steam temperature can reach

  90-10 degrees Celsius


3. What is the material? How is the heat resistance?


-Materials ABS, and heat resistance up to 20 degrees Celsius.


4. Water is used up, but the switch is not closed, safe?


-There will not be a security risk, because there is a dual temperature control safety



5. Wire is so long, when moping the floor whether it would be convenient or not?


-It is very convenient, because it has handle winding position, although a large radius

 Will not affect the operation convenience for the line.


6. In how much time can the floor dry after moping?


-Ultra-high-temperature steam cleaning, leaving no stains, it will dry immediately.


7. Will high-temperature steam hurt wood floors?


-It will not hurt wood floors, it applies to all kinds of flooring materials, including wooden

 Floors, tile floors, carpet, marble etc.

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