WheeMe Pinky

WheeMe Pinky

Wheeme Worlds only Body Massaging Robot.....

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World's First Robotic Body Massager gently massages and caresses

WheeMe - new sensations for absolute relaxation

• The WheeMe offers three massage modes to meet your preferences (firm massage, gentle massage and caressing massage).

• Firm (vibration) massage: the WheeMe vibrate and moves. The effect is astonishing and quite simply gripping! • Gentle massage: the robot's wheels spin in opposite directions, perfectly calculated to produce a light rolling massage.

The WheeMe changes position at regular intervals without ever straying to fall off your back.

• Caressing massage (rotating nylon fingerettes): The WheeMe has a rotating disc composed of two curved, semi-rigid nylon fingerettes which produce small caressing movements on your back. It then moves lightly across your body administering a gentle massge with its wheels.

Technical specification

• Dimensions: 128mm x 96mm x 80mm

• Weight: 330 grams (including batteries)

• Speed: 4.5 cm/sec

• Power supply: Three AA (1.5V) batteries

• Materials: Silicone and nylon

• Guarantee: One year

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